Take Me Out to the Ball Game

On Tuesday July 7th, the St. Ambrose Undergraduate Research Institute attended a double header River Bandits Game. USRI 2015 River Bandit group - 1 DSC05055

Game one started at 6:00pm, with the River Bandits edging Clinton 1-0.  Students enjoyed sunshine and over-priced ballpark food.  There was much anticipation for game two.


Several students were asked to come down on to the field to compete in various events displaying their athletic prowess.  Molly Rowell and Savannah Hill went head-to-head in the bungee tug-of-war.  The two traded blows until finally Molly came out on top. DSC05100


Next up was Katlyn Nathem and Rachel Neece in the bat-spin crutch-walk race.  This game is best known for being the most ridiculous competition ever created.  The race started close, but Rachel was able to push ahead and hobble her way across the finish line to win the contest.

DSC05129 (1)


The final clash of the night was a traditional event that requires both speed and precision.  Of course I’m talking about musical chairs.  Nathan Budde, Ryan Golden, and Kristen Upah walked in circles waiting for the music to stop.  Three athletes and only two chairs, something had to give.  Ryan was the first athlete eliminated.  The music resumed and Nathan and Kristen began to walk in circles again.


Suddenly the music cut out and silence filled the stadium.  A collective gasp could be heard from the crowd as Nathan planted his bum in the lone chair that remained.  The crowd went wild.  A champion had been crowned.  A big thanks to Forrest Stonedahl for providing photos.  Go Bees!


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