Wrapping it up

This past Friday, 21 undergraduate students wrapped up six weeks of reading, measuring, interpreting, strategizing, observing, building, calibrating, and learning to think like scholars. They shared their conclusions with an audience of faculty, staff, special guests, and students. Below are a few pictures from the presentations. They delivered very professional presentations and helped the audience understand ideas that were quite complex. Congratulations to this year’s group, and we hope some of you will return next summer!

10511545_653921931359579_656928028455695623_o 10448397_653922091359563_8034103730938657294_o10542426_653921901359582_7532656354269811460_o 10443034_653921998026239_6275578445364186162_o 10530493_653921801359592_7620306303942679309_o 10557480_653921894692916_1479542663797610777_o 10506744_653922014692904_7863514037761890133_o 10551598_653921681359604_2506494338164516319_o 10386999_653921574692948_6118574448002944424_o 1009070_653921661359606_6212599721429936098_o 10459009_653921751359597_3763303700410174393_o 10551539_653921448026294_4063671366729264545_o 10514311_653921548026284_1912572835476906919_o 10476602_653921478026291_4682595689938867434_o 10495033_653921438026295_4808931698077589905_o 10497443_653921188026320_1718275164251546058_o


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