Reflecting movement

Good news to begin the week : The neural group received a trial run of a brain-computer interface program. Now they can begin to figure out the trail program which would allow them to read and analyze data that is received from the EEG.

The engineering group is also making progress with finishing up the circuit design that tells us when and how much force is being applied when the object is grasped.Hand Set They are also completing the remaining objects that were left to design. The indicator that will let the participants know when and how much force to be applied is currently on the drawing boards with some basic ideas being sketched out.

As a complete group we worked together in order to create reflecting beads that will allow the sensors in the Motion Analysis lab to pick up and record hand movements.

Test runs have been performed in the lab in order to correctly place the cameras so no markers will be lost in the recording of the data. Camera SetIt’s exciting to be be close to making the recordings!


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