A Photo Finish

The neural group finished a project and began another entering the final stretch of the SRI. The number one goal of our research was to see if our EEG machine was a viable recording option for neural sign. After four weeks of learning how to properly use the machine, we collected data to support that it indeed does work. The next step was to create a manual outlining, in detail, the operation of the EEG. It includes the process of setting up the EEG, attaching electrodes to a human subject, using LabVIEW software and troubleshooting. Bryce Aitken and Dr. Opar volunteered to run through our manual as naïve users. Dr. Opar suggested changing the format to a more picture oriented approach. Holly took the lead and managed to make a much more user friendly manual.

Our new project was to create a camera setup to test the hand shaping of our final object series. We marked each of our joints on our right hands and took pictures grasping the different objects. Because the 3D printer head was broken, only 2 of our 4 object series were completed (Series A and C). The type of shapes in the series concentrated on certain aspects of hand kinematics. Hand3Series A examined the proximal interphalangeal (IP) angle for the forefinger. Series C focused on the linearity between the fingers not including the thumb. Hand2The IP angles increased over the series and the linearity decreased as hypothesized. Hand1

We are now working on our presentation and are very excited to present this Friday!
–Dylan Beyhl


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