Update from the Prosthetic group

It’s not all EGGs and EEGs in the prosthetic group. While part of our group is working on figuring out how an EEG machine works and what the readings mean the other part is making pieces for grasping. blog picOnce all is understood with the EEG machine, volunteers will grasp different objects like the one shown here. There will be 22 different objects with force sensors in them for the volunteers to grasp. They are all different shapes to utilize the different shapes your hand can make. After making these pieces in proE we will upload them into the 3D printer and make the shapes come to life. Finding a way to make the pieces come out the way we want, while still being able to fit the force sensors in them and mounting them so they are stationary has been quite a challenge. It is rewarding to see the pieces come out of the printer, and to see how close we are getting to gathering information about humans and the way they shape their hands.


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