Now We ALL Want a Facility Dog!!!

Wednesday, July 10 the therapy dog group went to the Genesis Medical Center West Campus to meet with Kelly Sigler, the owner of Logan a 3 year old silver Labrador retriever who currently works at Genesis as their facility dog.
img-ewebeditor-logan_facility_dogLogan works three days a week at the hospital accompanying three therapists, including Kelly, to see patients who need help in rehabilitation. Upon arrival we were able to witness Logan interact with a patient in a wheelchair. The patient threw a ball for him and gave him commands to which he responded easily. Kelly informed us that Logan knows and responds to 26 commands and is able to receive commands from many different people. This is what makes Logan a good facility dog as the therapists need Logan to listen to the patients and respond to them during therapy. While Log worked, we went upstairs to take a tour of the rehabilitation unit. There were three rooms each designed for a different therapy; recreational, occupational, physical, and speech pathology. Logan met us upstairs and we were able to observe a 30 minute session of him working with two patients in the recreational therapy room. We traded off in groups of two. One woman played balloon volleyball with Logan while working also to remember his different commands while the other woman played cards and Connect 4. After 15 minutes the women traded off and our groups switched out. Next we followed Logan as he walked with a man around the unit floor. The man finished out his session by playing ball with Logan down the hallway. All the patients that Logan saw while we were there seemed to thoroughly enjoy his company. Logan’s value to Genesis Health Systems can be seen in patient satisfaction, physical mobility, behavior modification, emotional progress, and reduced stress.  –Abbie Weyeneth


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