Presentation Day!

On August 20, 2012 students did there final presentations to a group of about 25 faculty, staff and students (plus one dog…but we’ll get to that later).

Hydraulic Conductivity Group

The first group to present was the hydraulic conductivity group. They did an excellent job, and it is clear they really got into their research. For a complete set of results go to

David was the first presenter of the day!

Next, the group studying the physical and cognitive benefits of exercise in elderly people presented their results.

Katie, Ashley, and Alicia’s turn to present

Another great job!

Next, was the Shakespeare presentation. The other research groups were so grateful that they had seen Measure for Measure, and so understood Kevin’s presentation perfectly!

Of course it helped that he was clear and articulate.

Finally, the dog group presented. There was a very special guest present for that one–Oliver, and his owner, Leslie.

Oliver and his owner/handler, Leslie.

Oliver was one of the therapy dogs in the study!

The dog therapy group, with their posters and their “placebo” dogs.

The dog therapy group gave another interesting and articulate presentation, and then they were off to the poster session. The poster session was designed to allow people who didn’t have time to attend the oral presentations a chance to see and hear about the students’ work.Congratulations to all the student participants. I’ve heard nothing but compliments! Hope some of them return for next year’s institute!


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