Research is fun, but sometimes you need a break!

So we worked hard, but we did some fun stuff too. Even though it was one of the hottest summers on record, we did some outside things. One of the very first things we did was to attend a play–Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure.”

Waiting for Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” to start.

It was not a random decision to attend this particular play. This year for the first time, we had a humanities project being conducted. Dr. Joe Hebert and his student, Kevin, spent their time analyzing and writing about the political context and motivations that might underlie this play.

When looking for things to do we discovered that the ONE Shakespearean play being performed by a local group this summer was…yep….Measure for Measure! How coincidental is that???

The very first week, we were supposed to have a cookout and swim at West Lake Park.

Tough or stupid? I don’t know, but we had fun…

Except there was a heat advisory that day and we had to cancel. So what did we do? We took our frisbees and volleyball and played outside!

It turned out the volleyball court was way to hot to play on, so the grass had to do. Of course, some of us were smart enough to stay in the shade and play frisbee.

Either way, it was hot and we didn’t stay outside for longer than an hour or two.

At some point Alicia and Aubrey decided to do squats.

Why? Um…no idea.

Of course the hot weather never let up, and our trip to the baseball game was even hotter. It was supposed to be a “Bark in the Park” day when people could bring their dogs.

Except it was too hot for dogs…I think we saw two dogs panting on the grass…


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