Welcome to the Second Annual Undergraduate Summer Research Institute!

Wow! We have grown this year! This year we have 14 students participating in four different projects:

Development and Design of Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disabilities

Faculty Mentor: Jodi Prosise, PhD, Engineering

Student Researchers: Jamie, Alicia, Ashley, Katie

Fellows will use engineering design processes to research, design and develop technologies to improve the lives of underprivileged persons with disabilities. The team will build and test devices to be used by clients selected from Davenport’s Handicapped Development Center, Center for Active Seniors or other local institutions.

The Impact of Interaction with Dogs on Physiological Stress

Faculty Mentor: Katie Trujillo, PhD, Psychology 

Student Researchers:  Jennifer,  Zoe, Audrey, Andrew, Marie

Dogs are increasingly used to help reduce the stress associated with hospitalization, nursing home stays and college life. This study will measure the impact of interacting with a dog on physiological markers of stress such as blood pressure, skin temperature, and heart rate.

Investigating Hydraulic Conductivity Measurements

Faculty Mentor: Susa Stonedahl, PhD, Physics

Student Researchers: Jessica, Matt, David

Hydraulic conductivity is a factor related to how quickly water flows through sediments, which varies greatly in natural systems. We will investigate the measurement technique for this parameter in a controlled, predictable setting on campus, simulating it on computers, and applying the method and knowledge gained to a nearby stream.

Justice, Judgment, and Mercy: a Study of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
and Merchant of Venice

Faculty Mentor: Joseph Hebert, Ph.D., Political Science

Student Researcher: Kevin

Both plays deal with the role of government in resolving disputes through
adjudication, and raise important practical, philosophical, and
theological points about the relationship of justice to mercy and to the
common good. This research will cover the plays themselves and relevant background texts, including sources Shakespeare used or may have used, and ideas that would
have directly or indirectly influenced him, or otherwise illuminate his
treatment of this theme. Emphasis will be on the contribution of political
philosophy methods to the understanding of Shakespeare, with consultation
of sources and colleagues in other disciplines for their insights.

Can you see why I’m so excited to be a part of this again? Check back tomorrow for a post from our Hydraulic Conductivity project…


One thought on “Welcome to the Second Annual Undergraduate Summer Research Institute!

  1. Dear Colleagues,

    What a great learning experience you are having together! I have enjoyed the personal updates that Katie has given me and the great camaraderie I have seen among all of you in the lunch room. And who said research can’t be fun!

    Paul Koch

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