CSI Davenport

Jill Foster shows how she uses superglue to obtain prints from an object.

Teresa is using steam (yes, that's a regular iron) to bring out fingerprints on paper.

How do the murders in Davenport get solved?  This Tuesday the research team found out the answers.  Ms. Foster from the local Davenport police department stopped by and showed us some of the forensic techniques for finding fingerprints on hard and porus surfaces.  There are many methods and materials that can be used, each required for a different situation.  After we were informed on all of the different techniques, we were able to test some of them out in the chemistry lab next door.  We tried to locate finger prints on a plastic bag, a piece of paper, and grocery reciepts.   With some difficulty, we were able to locate several of the fingerprints on the different objects.  Ms. Foster showed us how to use our chemistry knowledge in a real-life situation. Her knowledge opened up a new reason to pay attention in class.

Can you see the finger print on this receipt?

Even though the TV is full of excitment, we learned that it is not as easy to find trace evidence as they make it seem. It takes patience, and a clear understanding of the chemical process being used. Thank you for coming Ms. Foster and good luck catching criminals!!!


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