“Field” Experience

Field Experience involves the application of knowledge and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in real world environments. We’ve certainly been doing some of that–being out in the marsh tracking and measuring turtles was probably the group’s favorite 🙂 But let’s talk about field experience of another kind–a trip to a baseball field.

Despite the lack of action during the first four innings, we were still having fun 🙂

Future Scientist, Anna

Last week we took a break from our research to watch the Midwest League East vs. West All Star game. We sat in the bleachers behind left field, which proved a little scary with a number of foul balls landing near us. Even scarier was the Mayfly invasion. They weren’t so much flying into us as they were dropping dead on us. Ick. Dr. Jodi Prosise brought her 3 year old daughter along. She didn’t have the same aversion to the Mayflies, and began to pick them up off the ground to examine them. It’s nice to see such natural curiosity in a 3 year old. Coming soon..posts about our return to Nahant Marsh and our trip to a farm.


Jodi brought her daughter, Anna came to the game.

Anticipating the fireworks.


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