Got data?

I, Dr. Katie Trujillo, have officially flunked out of balance school. Thank you, dear student researchers for not laughing when I ran into (virtually, not literally) the obstacles..over and over again. I served as a trial participant this morning, to allow the students a chance to run through the protocol before testing our first “real” participant.

Dr. Bryon Ballantyne working out the final details with Mallory and Matt

I must say, they were very professional and everything went smoothly. They have a full day of data collection tomorrow, and I predict that A: It will go very smoothly, and B: They will be sick of the phrase, “and this trial will have no counting and no obstacles” by Friday. They can let you know next week if my hypotheses have been supported 🙂

In the meantime, I am having a lot of fun not only because I am a geek and I love data, but I LOVE these students. Smart, funny, responsible, adventurous, and willing to do about anything we ask them.

Kenner is a natural at yoga.

We even got Kenner and Mallory standing on their heads. This is a good start because by the end of this week I expect them to be bending over backwards!

Mallory is an experienced "yogist."

Coming soon..a post from Kenner about the project he, Brooke, and Dr. Jodi Prosise are working on.


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